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GEO-Slab icf - Slab-on-Grade insulated Shallow Foundations Videos are here

Insulated GEO-Slab ICF Slab-on-grade shallow foundation systems are alternatives to deeper and more costly conventional foundations that are used in regions that can benefit from better insulated homes - like Florida - and where there is the potential for expansive soils & clay soils causing foundation and slab heave and cracking. GEO-Slab's design allows footings to be founded above the traditional design  depth, by insulating the foundation and ground in a manner that improves the thermal and structural performance of the foundation and slab.            

Below you will find a selection of Videos that show how easy GEO-Slab Insulated Shallow Foundation ICF's are to design and install.

What are GEO-Slab Insulated Shallow Foundation ICF's or Structural Foundations for Florida?  
Watch an actual design and installation of a GEO-Slab Shallow Foundation ICF in Ontario, Canada.

How Easy and Fast is it to install an Insulated Shallow Foundation using the GEO-Slab System by Legalett in Florida?  
Watch this time-lapse video of a garage addition being installed utilizing the GEO-Slab On-Grade Insulated shallow foundation system.

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