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Gorilla Buck - Window & Door Bucks for ICF Construction in Florida

Gorilla Buck Window & Door Bucks for ICF Construction in Florida, FLAfter working 20 plus years in the ICF construction industry, Gorilla Buck decided there must be an easier way to deal with the whole ICF buck component and its attendant issues which you in the business know so well: the water and air leaks, the warping, the hassles of strapping the inside and outside of the typical wood buck frame. Not to mention the the onsite custom cutting of lumber to match ICF wall thickness.

So they decided to develop their own buck product line to provide builders, contractors and homeowners with an easy to install, cost effective and competitively priced system designed to save you from the headaches we used to experience ourselves. Core Construction Products West believe Gorilla Buck have achieved this and have come up with the perfect solution!

Whether you’re an architect wanting to match an existing ICF wall spec on your door, sill and walkout buck; a contractor looking to reduce your labor and material costs on a project, or a homeowner looking for a high quality, easy to install green building product line which provides good value for your investment the Gorilla Buck, ICF Window & Door Buck sytems is the right choice.  

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Gorilla Bucks are the Ideal ICF Window & Door Buck Products:

Molded Gorilla Buck

Molded Gorilla Buck - Window & Door Buck Products for ICF Construction in COThe Molded Gorilla Buck is the new standard for window and door openings in ICF construction. The patent pending configuration is designed as the only ICF window buck that allows water to drain to the exterior of the building and allows for the flashing of windows and doors to go all the way back to concrete. At the heart of the molded Gorilla Buck is special 100% recycled polystyrene plastic which actually bonds to the EPS foam, making for a much stronger and stiffer buck plank. The foam is molded around the continuous embedded plastic ladder with exposed edge plastic for solid mounting of windows and other trim elements. Bonding the ladder and buck to concrete are 3 rebar holder-anchors that fold into position. (Patent Pending).

  • Patent pending design that allows water to drain to the exterior of the building
  • Solid and continuous edge plastic for a stronger and more rigid buck plank
  • 100% recycled plastic components
  • Polystyrene plastic bonds and fuses to the EPS foam during manufacturing
  • Notched plank ends allows for better moisture control at buck frame corners to keep water out of the building
  • Fold up rebar holders that allow perfect placement of reinforcement bars around doors and windows and also provides and mechanical bond of the buck to concrete
  • 1 3/8” wide face fastening straps on 8” centers for center mounting windows and for fastening finishes easily.

Fireproof/Blastproof Molded Gorilla Bucks

Fireproof/Blastproof Molded Gorilla Bucks - Window & Door Buck Products for ICF Construction in FLProvides a 2” wide strip opening in the face of the buck that must be covered with a 1x4 screwed onto the face of the buck for stripping off after the concrete pour. The 2” strip of concrete around the complete buck frame opening that flushes out with the buck face provides a surface to mount windows and doors to that provides a code approved method for protecting from both fire and blasts. (Patent Pending)

Standard Plywood Gorilla Buck

Standard Plywood Gorilla Bucks - Window & Door Buck Products for ICF Construction in FloridaThis is the market standard for Gorilla Buck. Their ¾” plywood buck, like all of their buck products, adds insulation to window and door frames to match the super energy efficiency of the ICF wall. Gorilla Buck's philosophy, “…why build a great wall and then install substandard window and door frames?” So, this is where they started, two pieces of premium plywood and EPS foam with multiple running beads of their adhesive applied , compressed and held in a hydraulic buck machine, then stapled together over a dozen times to ensure maximum strength and dimensional integrity. No warping, no twisting, no separation, superb insulating qualities, made to your specifications and available locally: Gorilla Buck! (Patent Pending).

3/4" Treated Plywood Gorilla Buck

Treated Plywood Gorilla Bucks - Window & Door Buck Products for ICF Construction in FLUtilizing superior EPS in tandem with a treated plywood, generally recommended for areas within 6” of grade, such as walk-outs, door and window sill applications on the weather facing sides of houses; but can be used anywhere resistance to moisture or humidity is desired. (Patent Pending). In certain climates and conditions, treated wood is recommended or required by local building codes to protect against decay, fungi, termites, carpenter ants or other wood destroying insects.

Fireproof Plywood Gorilla Buck

Fireproof Plywood Gorilla Bucks - Window & Door Buck Products for ICF Construction in FloridaAn ideal buck combination for those situations where code or architectural specifications call for fireproof qualities. Each piece of Fireproof plywood as required by building codes, bears the Underwriters Laboratory classification mark identifying it as being produced under its classification and follow up service. This wood can be stained or painted much like untreated wood. (Patent Pending).

3/4" OSB Gorilla Buck

3 Quarter Inch OSB Gorilla Bucks - Window & Door Buck Products for ICF Construction in FLA general contractors preferred choice. Gorilla Bucks premium EPS combined with OSB’s strength, which comes mainly from the uninterrupted wood fiber interweaving of long strands or wafers, and degree of orientation of those strands in surface layers. This engineering process makes OSB the most widely accepted and preferred structural board among architects, specifiers and contractors. OSB resists deflection, delamination and warping because the wood and the adhesives work together to create a strong, dimensionally stable panel. (Patent Pending).

Gorilla Buck Flashing

Gorilla Buck Flashing - Window & Door Buck Products for ICF Construction in FloridaOnce again Gorilla Buck has gone the extra measure to eliminate any possibility of moisture seepage or penetration into sills or jams with their exclusive flashing. When coupled during buck installation between the ICF form and buck, an impermeable barrier is created which prevents any incidental moisture from entering your sill or frame. (Patent Pending).

Gorilla Buck Rebar Brackets

Gorilla Buck Rebar Brackets - Window & Door Buck Products for ICF Construction in FLAnother Gorilla Buck exclusive! A quick horizontal cut with your circular saw allows the patented Gorilla Buck rebar bracket to be inserted through the span in the buck of your choice. A choice of holes allows you to align and steady most standard rebar sizes during your pour. This enables structural uniformity to be maintained, while our galvanized non-corrosive finish assures you of maintaining long term structural integrity. (Patent Pending)

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